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Preparing For My Son’s Exams!


A happy-go-lucky chap, my son, has fun throughout the year except for the gaps that come in for his exams. That too, I think he gets serious about (or, pretends to!) because his mother insists so!

I remember as a child, being extra cautious about my exams. There were many reasons for that.

  • One, there was no other way out.
  • Two, I was expected to study hard and do well.
  • Three, my report card had to be signed by my parents and I did not want to be scolded for doing badly.
  • Four, the ranking system made announcing ranks in class by the Principal a hugely self conscious and image building/losing affair.
  • Five, I really believed in doing well.

The same does not hold true for my son.  Ask him to entertain a group of people and he is a big hit. Ask him to sit down and study for half an hour and he screws up his face.  Ask him the formulae in Mathematics and he scratches his head. Ask him the names of mobile gadgets and their prices and he rattles off…

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2 thoughts on “Preparing For My Son’s Exams!

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