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One To Tango…Ria’s Odyssey: A BOOK REVIEW

Book: One To Tango…Ria’s Odyssey

Author: Kamlesh Tripathi

Publication: Pigeon Books India

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 276

Price: 160/-

ISBN: 978-93-82025-03-0

“The canvas of human life had many hues and none sweeter than love. But it was also the most ephemeral. Material world ruled the roost. Qualification, jobs, career, consumerism were the primary colours people chased and mighty ‘materialism’ thereafter…to run after, all their lives.”

If one had to read the book, One To Tango without knowing about the author’s gender, one would confidently say that the book was written by a woman. Such is the intensity and detail with which the novel is written. But, Kamlesh Tripathi is a man and, for a man to write a book like a woman about a woman protagonist Ria – hats off to him!

I say this because the novel reads almost like a journal with a woman’s innermost emotions spread across the pages of the book. Many women who have seemingly crossed the age of marriage according to the superficial rules of society might identify with this book.

“She was once stunned at a feeler from one of her seniors that she ought to be available for a ‘quickie’ as she too needs to satisfy her physical lust…a kind of open license…..a never-ending fright.

Some of her married male cousins and friends had the birthright to hug and feel her body curves…..If lecherous eyes could make love, she would have been mother of many bastards by now.”

Ria is a single woman with the desire to get married like many a bright, intelligent working woman but, destiny has other plans for her. Suitors come and go, boyfriends woo and then leave only giving her pain and hurt. Ria thinks she is a jinx until that somebody special enters her life. But, is he the man of her dreams? His destiny has already been worked out for bigger things than just plain love, lust and relationship. So, where does that leave Ria? Does she finally get what she so badly wants and so very much deserves?

Kamlesh’s narrative style keeps the flow of the plot moving even when Ria’s life stagnates. One wonders while reading the book – what more can the author offer? Is that it? And quite unlike other novels, the ending is unexpected, non- stereotype. That’s what makes the book stand out apart from the fact that the novel also single handedly concentrates on the theme of single women and their personal pain. But, of course, the perspective differs from woman to woman…

A good read.


Kamlesh Tripathi has been in the Corporate arena for

more than three years. He has worked for Mahindra &

Mahindra Ltd, Escorts Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd.

His first book, ‘Gloom Behind the Smile’ was a real life

story of his late son, Shravan, a child cancer patient.

He also runs his Trust, ‘Shravan Charity Mission’ that

works for child patients suffering from life-

threatening diseases.

9 thoughts on “One To Tango…Ria’s Odyssey: A BOOK REVIEW

  1. I am glad Kamlesh has written another book. Shifting gears from real life to fiction sounds interesting. All the best Kamlesh wish you satisfaction & success in your endeavours.

  2. Dear Shail

    Many thanks for the grand review which is so very encouraging. Actually this book lives with the present times and you caught that very accurately. I am happy you liked, for there cant be a greater pleasure for an author than his work getting appreciated in terms of what he thought and what he conveyed

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