F for Fancy!


I write whatever takes my fancy, from musings to amusing stuff, from views to reviews, from verse to prose and from reflections to observations. That covers about almost everything doesn’t it?

With not too much to hanker about I try to be content and spread contentment through my work.

Sometimes, I do raise queries that have difficult answers.

I don’t like to sit on the fence you see! Again, black or white is fine. But grey too is okay as long as it comes from the heart and mind and is not a victim of the stereotype situational circumstance.

It’s not easy to hitch-hike people’s minds but I do exactly that, putting myself in their shoes to acknowledge, feel and understand their Emotions, Attitudes, Reactions, Thoughts and Happenings. My writings stem from these.

These are the lines that I had written when I first started this blog in the About Me page.  No fancy claims these!! Thought I would just include them in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.



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