NaNoWriMo · Wrimo India

The NaNoWriMo Fever!

The National November Writing Month!

When November arrives, I am all geared up for a month filled with writing. Not that I never write otherwise. I do. After all, it is my profession. But, the November month has its own charm! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that sitting with you across the globe, across the miles, there are thousands of people typing away, creating stories, letting their imagination run wild!

Being a ML or Municipal Liaison representing India along with my other MLs, Sonia Rao, Prakash Hegade, Dola Basu Singh and Piyusha Vir gives me immense pleasure! Even as I write this, I remember how I chanced upon the NaNoWriMo website ages ago, registered to write a novel and then, with pride took up the baton after the glorious Sonia Rao (who was instrumental in making NaNoWriMo popular in India)! Other MLs gradually, over the years followed suit.

It isn’t easy volunteering for a service that eats into your time. You not only have to write, trying hard to create a 50k novel for yourself; you also have to motivate others!  And, you know what I like best about this – the friends you make, the ideas that you get to grapple with, the creativity that gets unfurled over the entire month! Virtual friends sharing your passion for writing become your very lifeline in the month of November!

Thank you NaNoWriMo!

Thank you Wrimo India!




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