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Beaten By Bhagath! – A Tale of Two Writers: A BOOK REVIEW

Book: Beaten By Bhagath – A Tale of Two Writers 

Author: S.V. Divvaakar

Publication: Frog Books (Leadstart Pvt. Publishing Ltd)

Pages: 191

Genre: Fiction/Reality Fiction

ISBN: 978-93-82473-03-9

“How does a failed debut – whether a first movie or a first album or a first book feel? Believe me, it is as traumatic a feeling as when your first –born is consigned to the incubator and brought out only to be taken to a final resting place.”

If you thought this is all the book is about then, you are mistaken.

  • What a first time author undergoes but does not share.
  • What a debut novelists strives for but does not tell.
  • What a writer wants for himself/herself but wishes to keep the pearls of wisdom to himself/herself alone…

…..Divvaakar writes all this and more in this slender book of 191 pages.

You might even wonder – what could such a slim book even reveal to its reader? Well, what you get to read in this book, you don’t get to read and reflect about in many other novels written on Reality Fiction.

The travails of a first-time writer are excellently portrayed in ‘Beaten By Bhagath.’ With a sense of humour that borders on cynicism, Divvaakar injects into the book the wisdom he gained during his experiences that pinch his ego and shove him down the rough, ragged and insecure path of literary reality. His take on personalities, celebrities and events  associated with the writing world is simply hilarious!

Here are some lines written by the author that I found simply fascinating. Here goes:

  • “Well-wishers often laud our attempts just to keep us in good humour. This harms rather than helps us in our quest for success.”
  • “….here’s not much difference between a fiction novel and underwear, in terms of market price….Isn’t a fiction book about the same retail price as a pair of briefs or banian?”
  • Every author, every film maker, every singer, every model, slugs it out for that happy ending. Knowing that like the billions of sperm invading an ovum, only one among them is going to make it inside. The rest are cursed to perish, and rest in oblivion.”
  • “At times, in my desperate search for a publisher, I found myself comparing my work to that of a pimp finding a customer for his virgin daughter.”

For writers interested in hearing about another writer’s take on writing, publishing and surviving in the competetive literary world, this book is a gem.

For non writer readers, Beaten By Bhagath becomes “something exotic like broccoli.” It, at the same time becomes the “unfailing, reliable, value-for-money, great tasting and versatile aalu that delights the Indian’s palate…within every one’s reach… and familiar.”

Don’t miss the book! I had a great read.

4 thoughts on “Beaten By Bhagath! – A Tale of Two Writers: A BOOK REVIEW

  1. Hi Shail,
    Many thanks for your email and review, which is most encouraging for this kindergartener writer. I truly felt vindicated about BBB reading through your review, and thought BB’s spirit got into you somewhere, for you quoted the very lines that I had the most pain writing. It is amazing that someone I never knew is able to pinpoint these with such precision. I suppose that is what ‘writer-reader’ connection is all about.

    Best luck for your work.


    1. Hi Divvaakar,

      Your book was lovely. That is why I wrote what I felt after reading it. I wish that more and more readers feel the same the connection with the book as I did.
      A pleasure reading your book.
      Best Wishes

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