A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge

E for Easy!!


EI thought it was easy to write a few words on an alphabet every day. No word limit. Just a few ideas expressed in sentences based on an alphabet prompt.  It couldn’t get any easier, could it? Or so I thought. I wrote religiously too till the letter D and then….. time or the lack of it combined with the heat in this blistering summer- all got together to conspire against me to prevent me from penning a few words on the alphabets. But, today, I have decided to compensate for it and write for all the days I let slip by.

So many things in life we take for granted. We think that it is easy and leave it for the last moment till time and circumstances take over and we are left brooding, wondering what went wrong.

Some of the things we find easy to procrastinate because we always think there will be time for it later are like the following: (Of course, the list could vary from person to person. I am writing only a few)

  1. Smiling at the neighbor as we leave for work. (You never know, the neighbor could suddenly fall sick or decide to shift to another place or even worse, pass away)
  2. Hugging our spouse/mate. (The same reason as above apply and here it could be a major loss which could leave us with a life time regret)
  3. Hugging our children everyday. (Exactly the same reason as above)
  4. Making time for our parents. (Nothing can compensate all the sacrifices that they have done for us)
  5. Making a list of priorities ( I may not be the right person to mention this point because I tend to be careless here at times and mix my priorities up leading to confusion later in the day but still, I insist. If I could need it so could you. And, it is an universal necessity. Don’t you think?)
  6. Having time for God. (Even if it is a little prayer. Sometimes, we get caught in our work and relationships that we forget and then remember when things are going wrong or it is just too late).

Easiness is a state of mind. While it does give us confidence, it can also make us careless. So, with this post I am going to blog regularly and not think ” ah! this easy !!”

Part of A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 for the letter E


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