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Himani’s Princess of Falcons: A Book Review



Publication: V&S PUBLISHERS

Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-93-815882-6-0

“We all are victims of our past but to make our future safe and prosperous we have to take action in the present…We are all individual bricks in the wall that keeps our rights safe. We tried for peace…but sometimes peace is also attained by bloodshed.”

The Princess of Falcons entices you because of its global appeal. The protagonist, Silviya, half Indian and half foreigner dwells in modern day Rajasthan, Ajmer to be precise.  Belonging to Rajasthan herself, the author has made full used of the fact but be not deceived! It is definitely not the backdrop of this novel. The novel takes you from Ajmer to Bangalore to America and finally to a place called ‘Bangolarrea’ where tribes having attributes of wolves, snakes and falcons reside.

Once you are hurled into the super imaginative world of the author, there is no coming back. The world of supernatural powers, of good trying to win over evil, of sacrifice and most importantly, of love, duty, choice take you on a fantastic ride. Silviya, like the reader is also intrigued by this journey as she discovers new things about her past, her creed, her race even as destiny slowly begins to stare into her face leaving her with conflicting choices. Silviya’s world is liberating and binding at the same time. Just as she has the freedom to lead her life in the manner she wants to, she also is held prisoner by her past.

A wonderful book, fit to be converted into a movie. However, the novel could do well with some grammatical editing.

Having said that, one cannot deny the fact that the book is a well crafted fantasy novel. And not all can create a novel so imaginatively.

 Kudos to Himani Vashishta for that!

One thought on “Himani’s Princess of Falcons: A Book Review

  1. Super imaginative world story is something unimaginable and new to any reader indeed! Mixing of fact and fiction is something requiring imaginative and writing skill to satisfy all readers. It is indeed a challenge to the author!

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