Papa Kehtei Hain Bada Naam Karega….

How important is a father’s presence in a child’s life? Very Much. How much can a father influence the upbringing of his child? A Lot. Can a father’s role ever be substituted in a child’s life? Never. For many children the father invariably becomes the role model very early in life. At least for me, my father definitely was my role model. It took me many years to understand and acknowledge how much of a role model my mother too became for me later in life but more of that in another piece. While my mother protected me with her warmth … Continue reading Papa Kehtei Hain Bada Naam Karega….

The Thread of Life

They talked into the night of old times, of times when she used to protect him when his father used to display his frustrations on Sashidhar and beat him. They recollected the past; of all the good times the family had shared, of the movies the whole family used to go together once a month as a ritual thirty years ago. Continue reading The Thread of Life