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Whatever happened to the pen being mightier than the sword?

Remember the last time you wrote a letter? Remember the last time you received a hand written letter? Ages it seems, doesn’t it? Who has the time now-a-days to write with a pen? Leave alone lack of time, who takes the trouble to pen a few words on paper when the computer is always there? And if you are not the very writing kind then, the email or the SMS is always there to communicate and keep in touch!!

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Hacking Away to Glory

For a hacker, hacking is not just a momentary thrill or an illusionary sensation of power (though it is all part of the process). For him/her, hacking is exploring new corners in cyberspace, offering varied solutions, discovering new worlds, something that a non-hacker will not venture out to do. A hacker’s power is his vast knowledge of computer working and the internet.
But, is hacking legal?

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