Devouring Poetry with Shobhana Kumar!

Amdavadi, the Gujarati restaurant in Chennai seems to have become one of the favourite haunts for poetry lovers and muse obsessed fans in Chennai. So, here we were discussing poetry, lunch, the weather and of course, the muse with  sweet Shobhana Kumar, an author and poet. An informal get together, Mr. Naidu, Sivakami, myself and of course, the chief guest of this lovely discussion Shobhana Kumar, we all dived deep into our food as well as poetry. It was wonderful reading out poems, reflecting aloud on what emotions and thoughts went into them, why we wrote poetry and how the … Continue reading Devouring Poetry with Shobhana Kumar!

British Council Poetry Reading – October 2017

We were meeting again after a month. This time, there was no theme. We could write on any topic.  It was lovely reading out our poems and then, leaving it open for public perception ( read, healthy criticism/ editing). And, what fun it was! Javits read out his ode to poetry which was a beautiful performance poetry (although he didn’t stand up to do so despite our constant bickering about it!).     Shyla read out a sensitive poem, a tribute to the unborn and we were moved even as we wondered about the imagery, the conflict between thought and … Continue reading British Council Poetry Reading – October 2017

Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!

I was getting late (as usual) although all things had been taken care of at home. What the heck! I was going out for an Open Mic after a very long time. Reached the venue just in time. And, was I glad that I made it! Before I delve any further about the programme I attended and performed in, I need to tell you this: Let’s Talk Life is a platform for people who wish to share their darkest secrets, display the talents they didn’t know existed or just plain spend an evening with like-minded, creative people. Not all perform. … Continue reading Right Here. Right Now. Open Mic – LETS TALK LIFE!


DAY 13 I wouldn’t want anything else but you, my love. Your presence is all I seek even if my love appears to you all Latin and Greek. Know that I love you with all my soul in part and in whole. It doesn’t matter that your body ails. I can sense your thoughts, feel your emotions. So, fret not. I want not any more than I already have. You are my life, my wife. What more can I ask for! Two souls connected with hope. #liftfebcontest #lift #literaryfairytales Continue reading LITERARY FAIRY TALES:Picture Prompt


They nailed her in. Again. Not new to the vicious game. She had been nailed in. Before. When academics she wished to pursue the world had nailed her desire. To no one she could display her aching ire. Weaving dreams in tinsel town she fell in love, was pulled down. Was the love of his life. Sadly, he already had a wife. Nailed in again! Political play, all that she could get, she learnt the tricks of the trade, had to face humiliating tirade. Nailed in again! Accusation, Corruption, Affection, Defection, she faced them all. Every fatal fall burnt her, … Continue reading TRIBUTE TO JAYALALITHA – NAILED IN