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Appa : A Tribute

Many people step into our lives. At first, it seems a co-incidence. At other times, it seems irrelevant. And then, boom! It hits you! You know there was a purpose in that meeting, in that visit, in the introduction to a person who impacted the lives of several other people like you.

Appa, as we knew him, was one such person. When I look back in retrospect, he stepped into our lives when we needed his presence, a guidance the most. We had just shifted to Salem after almost a decade’s stay in Palakkad. We were trying to settle down amidst a lot of turmoil. We visited him every Sunday for an hour long group meditation. It seems hard to believe that such a huge crowd of people could fit into his house and be focused. But, we were. And, it was always a pleasure to complete our Sunday group meditation with a few minutes of silence in his room where the YSS gurus and Shirdi Sai Baba adorned the walls so very gracefully as if bestowing their unconditional love and blessings upon Appa and all those who chose to move with the flow of the day wrapped in the robe of inner connectivity with the God within.

On June 2, 2021, Appa decided he had to leave. Always a joy to be around, there was no one who went empty handed from his door. Even today, when he is no longer in his earthly form, the warmth from him continues to emanate.

I could have done with one more visit, just one time to hear him joke, to hear him bless me and my family.

Thank you Appa for being you.

Thank you Appa, for the love you gave to us.

As normal as any person can be.

In a crowd, like any commoner you could see.

His carefree demeanor a wonderful disguise

donning on the role of a mentor playing with Divine dice!

He paved the spiritual path for many a lost soul,

helping people reach their inner sanctified goals.

Memories of him smiling, joking bloom in my mind.

No greater symbol of positivity than him one can find.

Verse and rhyme constrict my sentiment of gratitude for him.

I do this knowing that before others, my indebtedness is dim.

Loved and blessed he still lives on in the lessons he left behind.

Appa, your spiritual stake in today’s world hard to find.

Jai Guru!

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