The Female Saga

Mirage: Short Story Collection By Kamlesh Tripathi


Publication: Xpress Publishing (Notion Press)

Pages: 52

Price: 100/

The book is available online.

If you desperately need a break from the daily chores, from a zoom meeting, from catering to the needs of family members, pick this book up. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Just eight stories in a book of 50 pages, and no story departs without making an impression.

I have read Kamlesh Tripathi’s work before and like always, whether he is writing fiction or non-fiction, his characters are endearing as they are close to real life.

In this book too, his stories move in and out of the lives of ordinary people making us identify with the characters, their emotions and their conflicting thoughts.

All the eight stories hang like eight pearls in a string necklace – an ordinary bead chain, not a fancy one! And, that is what makes it so charming.

Whether it is Wajid Ali Shah’s love for Lucknow or Brother John’s penance for a crime that cannot be undone or, the realisation of an unsettling reality of parents after their children have left the nest, the book takes you on a journey which you feel too close to actuality. Even, the hunting of a leopard or a freak accident has a take on everyday life. Some stories soothe while others shock depending on your disposition.

Since the stories are very short I will not write too much in detail to give away the plot of the stories that should be read to be relished.

All I can say is that Kamlesh Tripathi’s stories make you think and feel at the same time and, this cannot be a more better quality that a book of short stories can ever claim to have.

“Watch your steps, scan your friends, nurture your family, introspect your intentions, build your aspirations, but don’t abruptly climb terraces.”

Kamlesh Tripathi

Kamlesh Tripathi has been a Corporate citizen for over 35 years. he has worked for reputed Companies such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Escorts, Reliance Industries and Reliance Retail. During his long career he has held important positions, assignments and worked in many states and cities across India and travelled extensively around the world. His earlier title ‘Gloom Behind The Smile’ on a child cancer patient, is now catalogued in prestigious libraries including Library of Congress, Washinton DC. His second title ‘One to Tango – Ria’s Odyssey’ was on the burning topic of ‘singlehood.’ His third title was ‘Aadab Lucknow – Fond Memories.’ His fourth title was ‘Refractions- From the Prism of God.’ His fifth title was, ‘Typical tale of an Indian Salesman.’ His sixth title was ‘Rhythms Poems.’ He also runs his NGO- ‘Shravan Charity Mission’ that works for poor children suffering from life threatening diseases.

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