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Jasmin Builds on Shifting Sands : A Review

Format: Paperback and Kindle

Pages: 134

Publication:ConsciousLeap Insights Pvt. Ltd.


When a book oozes out positivity through its bright sunflower cover;

When a book is all about its content and no picture of the author to remind you of the high perched author status;

When a book intersperses non-fiction with fiction to make it THE self-help book of the year, you know that the book is worth reading.

Jasmine Builds On Shifting Sands is a book that one must read if one is caught in a stagnating situation at work or, in life. And, although the author Sanjay Desai suggests that we could skip the epilogue and the prologue to reading later, I would advise you to read it anyway. Because, it is the most engaging part of the book where you get an idea about the philosophies of life and work, both, material and spiritual.

Very often, one is caught in a rut or has reached somewhere but is unable to move ahead or move out. Sanjay, through his book suggests techniques that help you “consciously take breaks and detox actions, to neutralize negativity and deflationary forces that keep arising. From simple facts of tiredness, to mood swings, to encountering negative states of others; to managing disparaging forces, unfavourable circumstances, hurdles and discouraging results; we are going to be subject to countless negative forces.

These negative impacts carry a strong power to corrode our minds, disheartening them and deflating our will, as the rust gets thicker. It is crucial to flush them out regularly.”

What I liked the best in the book was its ability to detect the factors that tend to prevent people from achieving their best and also, what needs to be done to become aware of it all followed by very practical solutions.  The author also does this by very aptly introducing QR Codes in the book that link you to access to Consciousness Integrated Lifestyle, How to Manifest Your Dreams, Learn To Decode Failure with Jasmine Microlearning Course and How to Manage Social Media Distractions For Success.

Sanjay Desai, in a simple manner, makes the readers understand how manifestation of our dreams is possible if we accept the good and the bad in our lives. Because, when we avoid the bad, ‘we end up taking evasive or reactive actions. We are likely to blame everything else, unaware of the role our subconscious could have played in our actions.’

For readers who are interested in self-help techniques to better their lives, this will be an apt book.

Sanjay Desai

Reviewed as part of the BlogAdda Book Reviews programme.

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One thought on “Jasmin Builds on Shifting Sands : A Review

  1. Good preface for the book. Should make a nice read.

    Outside the actual content : I was happy that front cover, physical book reading is still alive, thanks to such book reviews. But it also has .. scan QR code to find ways to get rid of social media addiction. Smiled a little at the “contrast”.


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