A to Z April 2020 Blogging Challenge

Humour yourself! H for humour!

This year, I had been participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I couldn’t complete it in the month of April but I am continuing it anyway. My theme is Mental/Emotional Health.

For the letter H, I am writing about how necessary Humour is in life and, how much it is part of the healing process.

Remember watching someone slip over a banana peel! Remember laughing?!

It is easy to laugh at others. You aren’t the object of the joke, you see! But, are you good at laughing at yourself?! Or, do you take yourself so seriously that cracking a joke at one’s expense seems like an insult!

Life is already filled with too many sad things. If the sad, bad things around you make you too serious to find anything funny to laugh about then, poke yourself and laugh! Go in a flashback mode to your childhood or teenage years or recollect some incident about family and friends. I guarantee that you will definitely find something hilarious!

Laughter is actually like an antidote for a life filled with indifference, illness and disbelief. And, it is sad that very few people are willing to indulge a sense of humour. They might believe that doing so makes them appear less intellectual or less informed. And, these people are the ones you will find as cranky, insensitive and foolish trying to spread the virus of frustration and unhappiness everywhere!

No wonder when the season of stand up comics began flooding our existence, I was immensely delighted! These people, brave guys/gals attempting to bring joy and flavour to our lives by using themselves as bait for humour. And, it proved to be quite an act where we could laugh at things we found in our lives but, didn’t seem to find funny until the stand up comics did and made us identify so very much with it all!


The moment we realise that life is not a bed of roses and, that not all are perfect, then, and only then, we can relax and laugh a bit at ourselves. Only remember to not derive your happiness and laughter from someone else’s sorrow!

Begin the laughter process and become part of the healing process!

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