A to Z April 2020 Blogging Challenge

Grades are important. Soul grades are much more..

This year, I had been participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I couldn’t complete it in the month of April but I am continuing it anyway. My theme is Mental/Emotional Health.

For the letter G, I am writing about how important Grades are in life. Not just material grades but Soul Grades which help you keep on track to saner, more satisfying living!

How do you feel when you are in the midst of a conversation and suddenly you are put on hold? You could be informed by the person you are talking to or, you could be abruptly put on hold. Either way, it is an irritating situation since your work has been postponed temporarily.

The pandemic this year has done just  that!

It has de-motivated people. And, plans for the present year have kind of been put on hold. So, while innumerable students are waiting to write their examinations, other students who have got their previous year results are waiting to get admitted in the courses of their choice not knowing whether that is really going to happen.

Online classes have since then begun but only in a few institutions. Coming to terms with online lessons instead of the physical, more personal classes is not an easy task for all. Interaction via cyberspace can never ever replace the real thing. You get what I am saying?! Meeting classmates is important as it reinforces interpersonal relationships which is a very essential part of learning.

The same holds true for people working in organisations. Working from home is all good only until one has a grasp over the situation and one is able to balance one’s life without the real kind of social interaction, good or bad. Locked in a house for god-only-knows-how-long doing official work can make you cranky and even mix up your perspectives.

Like for example, grades!

Pursuing grades in school, colleges and the workplace is all very motivating. After all, it is good to be ambitious but the moment material grades become more important than the grades that really matter then, you have a problem.

The grades that I am referring to are the ones that make you feel comfortable in all kinds of circumstances. Or, the grades that our hearts tell us to follow, to show empathy even if it means slowing down in life. Or the grades that our soul advises us to transform our lives, to advance in life without stepping on the toes of others?!

It’s all a part of pursuing a healthy mental lifestyle. Grades can change one’s life. It is finally not what society says but what your soul and heart feels that truly matters.

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