Wednesday Warmer with Shail

Wednesday Warmers 1.3

Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

What is with Wednesday that makes me go all sentimental and mushy inside? It is soon going to be 17th July, which is my mom’s death anniversary. No different from other years except that this year her craving presence has been gnawing persistently.

Maybe, I am just overwhelmed with all this Corona bit. Or maybe, the world’s distress has seeped silently into my system making even little turmoils turn magnified!

And, when things appear going out of control all you need is a warm lap of a mother to put your head into and watch all stress, worries and insecurities magically disappear!

Sadly, I don’t have that option with me. Maybe, the good Lord thought that my mom had worked through her karma for this lifetime and needed to leave this earthly form for now. Or maybe, the Almighty just presumed that I needed to become strong by fighting my battles on my own.

As far as working through the role of mother to perfection is concerned I am sure that my mother was a better mother than me. Sometimes, reading too much, getting to becoming aware of modern parenting can become a hindrance in itself. Don’t you think so?

I am not sure that my report card on parenting will come up with A+. My child when he gets older, my mate or my friends will be able to say something about that. Or maybe, time will be the best judge. If my kid turns out to be a good human being, kind with good values and also independent enough to make his decisions then maybe, I can give myself that A+ badge.

Until then, I shall wrap the warm memories of my mother around myself and try to feel her presence around me as she resonates with motherly love!

Stay safe friends!

My mom and me when I was younger and she was alive, still filling my world with unconditional love!

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