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Sunday Sadness:Sushant Singh Rajput passes on…

You might say, Sushant, that you were prepared for death since you chose it. Or so they say before the investigations begin. Because in our world of humans, everything is looked upon with suspicion, both life and death!

But, you were someone many looked up to. I did. I marvelled at your natural manner of acting, of your honest and sincere persistence at succeeding in a profession you were in by choice, not luck or circumstance.

You were a constant source of inspiration to people of all ages who loved the different roles you played with ease as if you were those characters in reality. You merged reel with real. You proved to the world that you needn’t have to go through the casting couch or have connections with the high and mighty to be a success in your profession. And what a source of encouragement that proved to be to people who were aspiring to climb up the ladder of success solely on the basis of their hard work.

But obviously, there was something that was troubling you. Your mind was hurt and helpless but you continued to flash that sweet smile without letting the world know about the war that you were waging within for God-knows how long!

Speculations will be endless about how you died, why you died but they all will be useless now because you no longer live to tell your tale. If only someone amidst us could have been there for you to share your inner turmoils.

I am saddened by your demise at an age when you had so much more to achieve and so much more to be an example for others to follow in life.

Was it a mere coincidence that I had discussed with my mate just last night as to how we should be more understanding of our son especially during these troubled times? The pandemic has deprived all especially the youth of the innumerable opportunities that existed before.

During times like these, everyone must have a friend, a guide, a parent, even a stranger to turn to in times of extreme distress so that another talented Sushant will not go away before his time was due.

Please remember my dear friends, as you read this piece that I may not know you but I am there for you anytime you wish to connect just as you can be there for others in their lives too. You never know. You might save a life!

Sushant, may your soul rest in peace. Thank you for all the movies that you did, for the difference that you made in the lives of people. Praying for your wounds to heal. God bless!

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