Wednesday Warmer with Shail

Wednesday Warmers 1.2

Have you gone through that overwhelming feeling when a specific emotion envelops you totally and you are just not in control?

Well, I went through that last night when I was absorbed in my cooking. You see, I chop my vegetables or knead dough(to make the Indian flatbread)

in the living room so that I can also watch some television. Of course, the main cooking takes place in the kitchen. So, while in the process of preparing dinner I happened to see an advertisement where a teenager is lovingly massaging her mother’s head with a particular brand of hair oil and the mother asks her daughter whether she wanted something as she was displaying affection out of the blue!

As I watched this some barrier broke within and tears began to flow unabashedly. Fortunately, nobody was around to notice this sudden submerging of an emotional bridge. My mother passed away into the other realm in the year 2006. I being an only kid, she was not just my mom to me but also my friend and confidant. A simple soul, she was my first love, someone who I could argue with, have a quarrel, make-up like two childhood friends and also share thoughts and things.

Somehow, that advertisement on television reminded me of her warmth, of her unconditional love and the purity of her heart. Not that I had ever forgotten but, life has a tendency to keep you busy with the mundane tasks of everyday existence. And, even before you know it, by the time a day has passed you are too exhausted to even indulge in the luxury of reminiscence.

I am a mother today but who said that a mother ceases to be a child?! I yearn for my mom even today. The times when my mental and physical energy need a recharge, I remember my mother from the bottom of my heart, tears soak my insides and I come out filled with a sense of gratitude for knowing a soul like her, for being her child, the closest I can get to feeling the Almighty’s love!

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