Tuesdays with Shail

Tuesdays with Shail 1.2

Innumerable images clogged my brain during this week which passed me by. How could it not what with the pandemic still in action? How could it not when thousands of doctors, nurses, people were going out, braving into the world of contamination and disease, hunger and death to make the world of the deprived and the diseased, better and bearable.

While my family stays safe and hunger-free there are several people who cannot be with their families only because they are working in places far from home. The media is filled with stories of people challenging the groan in the stomach, taunting the ravages of time and people if only to reach their homes and maybe survive or die.

One image of a worker, an adult man crying as he talks on the phone remains etched in my media memory amidst the several pictures and heart-rendering stories that have dived to make tiny mounds of hurt and sadness in my subconscious.

His one-year-old son had died as he had been waiting to reach home. The moment the picture was clicked was when he heard the news that the funeral had been conducted and he would never be able to see his son ever again, dead or alive! All because the pandemic rules prevented him from crossing barriers.

img_20200518_123223-1Now, he was left with a barrier that none could ever remove. Not even if a pandemic vaccine was developed. His son was gone and would not return.

I can’t but help make comparisons. Where we would think twice before physically helping someone (giving financial aid to organizations is an easier and more convenient option, isn’t it?) a young man pushed a physically challenged man on his wheelchair for 5 days to ensure that he reached home safely before he could venture back to his house. (Their homes were in different states and they were not related!)

This doesn’t mean that we have to jump into the sea of misery in order to prove something to the world or to ourselves! Even staying safe and sane will help, as we not only protect ourselves but we also protect the world.

So, cheer up! There is always light after the tunnel. The law of nature deems it so!

Until we meet again, stay blessed, stay safe and pray for those suffering.








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