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Are you Friends with yourself?!

This April 2020, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this month is Mental/Emotional Health. I shall be writing articles/ stories/ poems/book review/ movie review for each letter the entire month.

Today is Day 6. For the letter F, I am writing about Making Friends, becoming soldiers of your happy souls (thoughts) in order to live life happily!

Remember the Friends series? The first season of Friends, an American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, was premiered on NBC on September 22, 1994.

Seems way back, doesn’t it? But, many binge watch the entire series even now. And, what is so amazing about the series is that it appeals to people of all generations even today!

What do you think stood out in the series that attracted so many people to it? One was that many could identify with the characters. Others watched and enjoyed the show because they longed for friendship like that in Friends! And finally, the most important point was the kind of friendship portrayed in the series was a special kind, where friends had each others’ back all the time!

Now, don’t expect me to ask you whether you have such friends? That would be too stereotypical. What I want to ask is whether you are such kind of friends to yourselves?!

Strange question but a very valid one. Even though we might be spending our maximum time with office friends, family, personal friends, strangers too; there are times when we are left to ourselves. There are moments when in spite of spending our time doing what we like best or, socialising offline or online we tend to feel a kind of vacuum which nothing else seems to fill.

You know why? Because from the moment we are born we know ourselves first before we get to know the world and, in turn develop preferences and dislikes.

Goes way back like the Friends series, doesn’t it? Special isn’t it? And doesn’t this mean that we owe ourselves an extraordinary kind of relationship with ourselves?

Being a friend to another human being is easy. Many can fake it too. It is like an art except that it has to be felt from the heart for it to last long. But, not all wish for long constant relationships. Variety is what takes precedence over undying affection, friendship or love sadly!

But, the same cannot be applied to one’s self. You can’t cheat yourself. You would know. So, for all the times you feel low, angry, frustrated or down, it is your self that you turn to. If you are going to judge yourself too much like you tend to to do with the world then, you aren’t going to move anywhere. You will continue lying in your mound of hurt and anger. So, make friends with yourself so that you have a ready mate or doctor by your side in the form of happy positive thoughts whenever you feel helpless or let down.

The result is tremendous and unbelievable! Believe me! I have done it.

Do try it and get back to me to let me know how you feel!

I can guarantee you that your mood will be happier and you will feel like taking over the world with your joyful never-say-die attitude just like the characters in Friends did!

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