A to Z April 2020 Blogging Challenge

Delicious D!

This April 2020, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this month is Mental/Emotional Health. I shall be writing articles/ stories/ poems/book review/ movie review for each letter the entire month.

Today is Day 4. For the letter D, I am writing about Delicious life, delicious food, anything that appears desirous and happy for our spirit, body and soul.

It was shocking to me when I tried to recollect words with the letter D. Discomfort, distressing, depressing, even devilish came to me. Were there no words that were positive, I wondered. What is it all because of the experiences that I had or was it some society conditioning? And that too, with the letter D?! Highly stupid. And then, a memory of the most delicious food that I had ever tasted came to me. Yeah! you got it right. My mother’s cooking! For a person not very fond of cooking she was one of the world’s best cooks. And, my birthday celebration brought out the best in her! She went out of her way to make my day extra special with all the delicious dishes that she cooked especially for me!

But then, life need not be delicious only in the food department! One could find so many other things delicious like love, desire, ambition, devotion, even solitude! It is a different fact that many people today don’t know the difference between loneliness and solitude. I too took quite a many years to realize it myself.

Of course, life doesn’t treat you delicious always! But, I personally believe that no problem comes our way without a solution. That is why different people have different problems depending on their ability to solve their problems. Again, solving a problem does not mean that the difficulty is completely destroyed. It also means coming to terms with a situation beyond one’s control like for example the currently raging Corona Virus. Or, maybe, a storm one has no control over?! But the moment one realises that acceptance can lead to a state from despair to survival, it gives us strength to deal with our problems. Isn’t it?

The same goes for the doctors helping out people suffering all over the globe? Their committed and unconditional support and dedication for the human fraternity has made many a life breathe better. D for Doctor!

My salute and appreciation for all their efforts without worrying about their own comfort and safety.


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