A to Z April 2020 Blogging Challenge

C for Caring in Corona Times

This April 2020, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this month is Mental/Emotional Health. I shall be writing articles/ stories/ poems/book review/ movie review for each letter the entire month.

Today is Day 3. For the letter C, I am writing about Caring, the more we have it the less we need it to be emotionally strong!

Being emotionally strong is not something we all are born with. We cultivate it, learn, unlearn on our journey through life. And just when we feel that we have mastered the art we are placed in a situation that tests our caring ability. Not all come out successful! Because it is easy to be caring within the comfort of our homes or work place, or within a place where we don’t have to stretch too much to show care, love and sensitivity. It is only when we are uncomfortable and struggling to survive and life demands of us to be caring and loving then, do we pass the test.

During the floods, tsunami that ravished homes, settlements, jobs and lives, several people who themselves were attempting to survive stepped out of their comfort zones and made way for people less fortunate than them. They waded through dirty water, broken houses just to supply good drinking water and food to people caught in a house having lost everything to the flood. These caring people risked their lives to help others survive.

One such set is a group of friends, The ‘Famous Five’, Paul, Santosh, Fazil, Lakshman and Mathivanan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu state of India who are actively helping migrants, hungry people, the poor and people caught in between the lockdown. This is what caring is all about. This is what stepping out of one’s comfort zone to help another means.

My salute to all the people like this group all over the globe going out of their way to be emotionally strong. Not all of us can do this but, definitely, there are things we all can do like feeding birds and animals and spending time to connect with people who are having a hard time.

If you wish to read the previous post you can find it here…

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