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Book Review: Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

Format: Hardcover and Kindle

Pages: 229 (Hardcover)

Publication: Harper Business

P-ISBN: 978-93-5357-265-5

E-ISBN: 978-93-5357-266-2

Irrational Passion is exactly what you get when you read this book! It is the inspiring life tale of a ‘passionate entrepreneur and business turnaround leader.’

It would not be wrong if one is led to believe that the author had it all very easy for him and he, kind-of took over a family business. There is NO family business HERE! It is here that the book serves to motivate the reader! Unlike the presumption of starting off easy, Jason, was like any youngster hailing from a middle class background with big dreams and the support of hard-working parents in a foreign land. Adding to the dream was the fact that he suffered like many boys of Indian origin would in a foreign country. Being bullied at school, shifting school and friends every time his father changed his workplace, being discriminated for being brown, getting caught with gangs, smoke and alcohol were only some of the hassles that Jason Kothari faced as a kid.

It was also during this period that Jason discovered his love for business which is very simply and interestingly described in the incidents of the sale of pizzas at age fifteen, in the sale of comic books and several other inspiring anecdotes!

“I was too passionate about comics to treat them as a casual interest. And that passion meant I actually enjoyed the process of researching prices and studying trends.. Something about the thrill of the deal and the act of creating value- receiving something worth more than I paid for it-gave me an adrenaline rush.”

But then again, he also learned “Everyone stumbles. It’s how you pick yourself and grow from it that matters.” And, this forms the backdrop of the entire book.

Throughout the book one is given the privilege to have a peep into the life of someone who would not accept “No” for an answer in his life be it as a teenager or as a college student when he scraped money to  protect Valiant Entertainment (the company that brought out his favourite comics during his childhood)  from bankruptcy! Not just that, he also turned around the company into a globally successful superhero entertainment company! Over time he became the name people referred to whenever a distressed company like, Snapdeal, FreeCharge, etc needed a transformation. And, all of this while he was still in his 30’s!

Between the narration of the various speed-breakers and achievements in the author’s life, the book serves as an entrepreneur’s roadway to success. The right time to exit a company, to opt for another business challenge, to have one’s professional and personal priorities right in life, to use strategy and lateral thinking to substitute for lesser abilities, to permit life’s hard lessons to ‘flow back into the stream of life and business to propel you farther along the journey’ are some of the wonderfully crafted lessons of wisdom that one gets in this fine book. Also, immensely beneficial are the ‘seven golden pillars’ for an ideal start-up and the ‘four mental concepts’ that help ‘optimize one’s entrepreneurial mindset!’

Don’t miss this book if you are in for some practical knowledge about business deals and also have a penchant for the nitty-gritty of business tales!

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

  1. A very good review. I keep reading book reviews. Your style is very honest and simple. The plot and the essence are well exposed as is the writing style of the author. Leaves the reader well informed for her to make a choice of buying or not.
    Very impressive indeed.

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