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Poetry Reading with Smita Sahay

Indeed, April is referred to as the cruelest month but for poetry lovers in Chennai, the very first week of April brought with it a sparkle of generous poetic flavour! It brought Smita Sahay into our midst! Today evening, as we self proclaimed poets, Sivakami Velliangiri, Chandramohan Naidu, Jagadish Prasad, Subramanian and me (Shail Raghuvanshi) got together for an evening of poetry reading, we were delighted to have with us Smita Sahay (who is a poet and visiting faculty at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai and also writer in residence at the American International School, Chennai).

In an informal set-up quite unlike the posh ambiance of a cafe (where we poets usually meet, if not an educational institution) we gulped down cups of excellent home-made coffee and tea (not to ignore the ‘mixture’ as we call it here (‘namkeen’ for the Northern chaps)) with emotionally colourful poetry.

Interesting Mumbai anecdotes by Naidu, nostalgic college reminiscences by Subramanian, Rameshwaram by Sivakami, the choice of birth and relationships by Jagadish and the insecurities of a troubled mind draped in a sari by Smita lit the lights of a wonderful poetic evening!

Thank you all for attending and brightening up the atmosphere with your presence and poetry!

Basking in poetic thought and expression!

Shaily meets Shaily!!

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