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Releasing My Book of Poems for Children – MORNING SHOWS THE DAY!

A Book of Poems for Children
Published by Panther House Paper and Digital Publications LLP

Have you ever wondered about the rhymes that we learnt in school?
• Ring a ring of Roses
• London Bridge is falling down.
• Three Blind Mice
• Humpty Dumpty

I was really good at reciting the rhymes when I was small and I am sure like all parents, my parents too would have been proud of this fact. But, did they know what the rhymes were actually about? Did I know the origins of the rhymes and poems?

Obviously not!

Well, from what I learnt over the years of reading, writing I came to know that the sing- along rhymes were not as cheerful in their origin as they sounded when we mouthed them.

Did you know that the rhyme, ‘Ring a ring of Roses’ was actually a reference to the Great Plague that killed 75-200 million people. And that one of the symptoms of contracting the plague was sneezing?
Ring a ring of roses,
A pocket full of posies.
A tish-oo, a tish-oo.
We all fall down.

Did you know that the rhyme, ‘London Bridge is falling down’ was apparently based on a bridge in London whose foundation was rumoured to have been built with the bodies of children to keep the bridge from falling!

‘The Three Blind Mice’ were not just some stupid blind mice but the three Protestant Bishops who were executed by Bloody Mary (Queen Mary of Scots) for going against Roman Catholic rule.

‘Humpty Dumpty’ was not an egg at all but, a dangerous cannon, owned by the supporters of King Charles I who wanted to use it to gain control over a city during the English Civil War. The cannon was placed on top of the church tower ‘until a barrage of cannon balls destroyed the tower and sent Humpty the cannon in the marshland below!’

Do our children need THIS? Did WE need it?

When Amresh Kumar Singh of Panther House Paper and Digital Publications LLP approached me with a proposal to write a book exclusively for children sometime back I wasn’t too sure. This was mainly because the book was going to be a book of poems for children and I was hesitant about the reach of a small book in the big wide world of fiction.

And then, I was told that this was a special project, a tailor made assignment for certain schools waiting for a book for little vulnerable inquisitive minds that would not just repeat lines from rhymes they did not identify with or understand instead, enjoy the poems that they had to read and recite.

That clinched the proposal.

And, I began delving into the memories of my childhood, walking down the lanes of a child as I weaved poems around themes to suit and excite little minds and emotions.
I used my experience as an English Communicative teacher to write simply and joyfully.
I recollected the times I made up stories for my own child and formed verses that shaped up like chocolates and candies!

Out of all this, came out this little book you see now, MORNING SHOWS THE DAY.

What gives me more pleasure than anything else is the fact that more than 500 books have already been sold to certain schools to be used as a subject book for their students.
I need to thank Amresh and his Panther team for this because no publisher would do so much as to see that the book an author writes reaches the right people.

Panther House Publications has become a popular publication in a very short span. The credit goes to people here who do not treat Panther as merely a publication company. In fact, over the years, it has branched into audio, video and several other ventures that lovers of literature cannot just ignore.

This is my first book with them and I am sure there will be many more because when people like Amresh sincerely take up the task of bringing quality literature at economical prices to the public, writers like me cannot stay far behind.

The book is now available at the link below.

Please do go ahead and order this book to bring a sparkle to a child’s life.

More updates are awaited. Until then, read a rhyme and give a feedback letting me know whether the book is fine!

4 thoughts on “Releasing My Book of Poems for Children – MORNING SHOWS THE DAY!

  1. Great Shail. Finally, you’ve entered the big stage. Let us expect something more and something big….and profoundly meaningful poems and literature from you at frequent interval.

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