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Haiku and Tea with Kala Ramesh

We had been acquainted online and had been in touch with one another for a while.  We were hoping to meet too someday but did not expect it to happen so very soon. And, what a pleasant experience it was!

Being a poet myself, I have always appreciated all forms of poetry but Haiku has always intrigued me because it is indeed very difficult to be able to express oneself with so much intensity in just three lines! Of course, Kala Ramesh would say otherwise, Haiku exponent that she is!

pic courtesy The Hindu
Pic Courtesy- The Hindu



Having been in the field of music, art and poetry for most part of her life, Kala Ramesh comes across as a very seasoned soul. Today, she is not just an expert in her field but also teaches haiku, tanka (a Japanese poem in 5 lines), haibun (comprising of prose and haiku) and renku (a Japanese form of popular collaborative linked verse poetry) to children, undergrads and senior citizens. She has created the ‘Rasika’ form, an eight verse renku fashioned after Matsuo Basho’s (the 17th-century Japanese haiku master) non thematic style.



So, when the extremely enterprising and talented Mocking Birds team in Chennai organized a Haiku With Tea, I was definitely not going to miss it.

Pic Courtesy – Mocking Birds/Deccan Chronicle

Kala Ramesh was going to recite a few Haiku poems from her recently edited anthology of contemporary world haiku, Naad Anunaad. kala-ramesh-book-naad-avinaadWhat added to the charm of the event was that her verses were going to be supported with dance imagery by Srekala Bharath, well known Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and teacher. She is also by the way, sister of famous ex cricketer Srikkanth (that I got to know much later after the programme).


Just imagine! You get to hear soulful poetry and beautiful classical dance at  the same function where the power of word and dance dazzle the audience. Wow! Who could even think of missing this!


One after the other Haiku verses were read in the soft resonating voice of Kala Ramesh, some like a whisper that made you perk your ears up while others made you laugh or shake your head in appreciation.

Pic Courtesy- Mocking Birds
Pic Courtesy- Mocking Birds






This was followed by a thematic dance by Srekala Bharath and her pretty little students based on the verses that Kala Ramesh read.


Pic Courtesy – Mocking Birds


Chennai based poet Sivakami Velliangiri was there too and we enjoyed the programme a lot. siva-shail





Thank you Kala Ramesh for giving me an opportunity to be part of  this beautiful programme.                      Thank you Srekala Bharath for that impressive performance.



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