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The Ponytailed Anti Hero- A Book Review


‘Oh! Not another book on the revenge saga’ I muttered to myself as I began reading the book, Ponytail The Love For Revenge. Pradip Chauhan proved me wrong by writing not just another tale of revenge. In fact, the protagonist in the novel, Prabuddh becomes an anti hero, you discover as you read on.

Basically, the book deals with the aggressive and negative emotion of revenge. The style of writing is simple, easy to understand. The novel has been divided into three sections describing the life of the protagonist, Prabuddh. He is ambitious, successful in his profession and smart too. So, what is it more that he aspires for in his life?

A painful past, a traumatic flashback between the pages of the novel reveal to us why the protagonist is unable to love the people around him completely. Every time he comes close to falling in love, he remembers his goal for revenge and all emotions of love end up in a mere physical act of lust. What is dominant in the book is the use and manipulation of women characters to enable the author to bring out the plot of revenge.

I would have preferred it if the emotions expressed by the ‘Chanakya like hair let loose’ anti hero were more convincing. It is here that the author needs to work upon as he swiftly moves from one scene to another and the reader tends to feel a wee bit cheated for being deprived of a more detailed narration or enacting of a scene!

For a person who started writing first in his native tongue (Gujarati), the book is a good read.


 Dr. Pradip Chauhan from Gujarat is a  (M.B.B.S, M.S., C.R.M.) from Saurashtra University. He currently delivers lectures on Anatomy in the P.D.U. Govt. Medical College, Rajkot, Gujarat. He has many Gujarati articles to his credit.

‘On the Earth: In Light of The Sun’ was one of his first books in English followed by a collection of short stories titled ‘Love stories.’ Science fiction, romance, suspense, paranormal and thriller are his fields of interest. He has more than 15 international medical research articles to his credit too.

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