Poem 4 for #MayForMotherTongue


Bunjaarin bunkey ghoomti rahi,
Sooraj ki kirane udhar lekar.
Maana ki mujhme voh kashish nahin,
Par, dil-e-guzar, ab bhi dil ke aangun mein bahaar hai.

Mei patung, tu door meri.
Jahaan udaao vahaan ud jaaon mein.
Nazar na giraana door se mere yaar,
Kahin door kati tho haath na aaoongi.

Mei diya, tu baathi.
Tujhme mei, mujhme tu.
Apni baathi ko zinda rakhna-
Uski lou mey mujhe hamesha paaoge.


I roam around like a nomad
Borrowing divinity from the sun.
Agreed that I am not attraction personified
But the garden of my life is still fragrant with life.

I am the kite, you the string.
Wherever you pull me I fly.
One glance away from the string
Could make you lose me forever.

I am the lamp, you the wick.
I am in you, you in me.
Keep the wick burning alive.
In its bright flame you shall ever find me.


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