Poem 2 for #MayForMotherTongue

Kuchh Tuchh Ishaare128630-thewallpaper

Rishte Ki Kareebee
ho gayee hai dil kee gareebee.
Mukh kee muskaan
bun gayee hai ehsaason ka kabaristaan.

Rooh se tho hum thhey jaane.
Samay ne bana diya unjaane.
Mushkil see bhee baath jo ho jaati hul
aaj ki khushi chund lumhon mein ho gayee hai gul.

Mere bezoobaan ishaare
dikha deinge tujhko din mein taare.
Oopar vaale par chod diya ab sab kuchh.
Yeh berookhi lagthi hai ab tuchh.

English Translation of the Above Poem

A Few Unwarranted Signs

The closeness of a relationship
transformed into poverty of the heart.
The smile of the face
turned into a graveyard of emotions.

United we seemed to be with our souls,
time turned us into strangers.
The problems that got solved in a jiffy until yesterday,
today’s joy vanishes in a moment.

My mute emotional signs
could show you stars in the day.
Leaving all to the Almighty
even this indifference appears naught.


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