The Letter B for Banaras!

Blogging Challenge – Letter B
Banaras. Varanasi. Or, simply Kashi.

Now, why am I talking about these names?

Well, all the names mentioned above refer to one place and I belong to that unique place. Although my parents have lived there more than I have, there is this invisible link that I share with it that just cannot be described in words. I suppose this stands true for all people who have this connection with places that go far to their roots so to say.


The little hidden lanes, the colorful shops, the cheerful people collide with the serenity of the banks of the Ganges River, the Ghats and the flowing river of renunciation, dirt and faith.

My Mum and Dad met in the well known campus of the BHU (Banaras Hindu University) while they were studying and decided to give their hearts away (to each other) apart from giving their minds away to academics that bloomed in the beautiful territory of the University.



The evergreen language of Bhojpuri that overpowers the senses is alive all over the city. Today, it is fun to hear songs and movies made in the language – a great source of enjoyment.

I can go on and on about the place except for the fact that it tends to find a mention in my vocabulary quite often and I do not want to bore you to death. Just in case, you want to know more about the place through the eyes of a traveler, you can have a read here: Kashi Ketchup


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