A for Angel

Participating in the Blogging Challenge A to Z (2016)

I first learned of the angel when I was in the first standard. Our early morning assembly had us singing hymns in praise of the Lord. As time passed I came to understand the existence of another God than the one I prayed to at home. And, accompanying this new God I also understood the presence of angels, pretty, beautiful ones who accompanied God whenever He visited earth. Sometimes, he sent them to do the tasks when He was busy attending to other major problems that man so skilfully created.

I longed to be an angel someday. The little innocent dreams of a small girl wanting to be dressed in the beautiful laced white gowns with delicate wings that would make me soar into the skies with a wand to make people happy!angel

It was later, much later after I entered into holy matrimony that I learned of angels that were endowed with the task of being the guides to souls, all kinds of souls. Some heard their voices, many didn’t. Some felt their presence, many did not.

More than that, unlike in the literal sense, I realized how humans could don on the roles of angels as they unconditionally helped people. I have had many such angels in my life and remember them and offer my gratitude to them. Thanks to the realization, I am learning to be a much better person than I was yesterday.


6 thoughts on “A for Angel

  1. Such a cute post. Love angels..Don’t know if I am a believer but if it is a wishful thinking then I do hope such a wish comes true.

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