Growing Together

There are times we forget we were teenagers too.

There are times we conveniently disregard the fact that the growing up years are not the best and the most comfortable ones.

I am made to realize this fact every day of the teenage years of my child. The surprising thing is that many times I find that I haven’t grown up at all. I still rebel (when my orders are not followed). I still throw tantrums (will shut up suddenly). Actually, it is all to cool down the temper that threatens to pour out like lava when all my good advice (at least I think so) goes astray.

My son thinks he knows what he is doing. And the problem is I think so too.

Time and again my husband warns me, ‘Dearie, just check up Linda Goodman’s stars and you know where you stand as an Arian mother’ but I persist with my ways because as I mentioned, I know that what I suggest to my son is all in good spirit for his good only.

But, does it help? You bet, it doesn’t.

Maybe, like the healing I sometimes do helps others but not me and my family.

I am able to send positive vibrations to others in pain but that doesn’t seem to apply to me. What did I do wrong? Did I do wrong? Don’t ask me. I don’t know myself.

Only when time has passed and the present becomes the past,do I realize what actually went wrong. Over Enthusiasm, Constant suggestion making and Presuming one knows the best for one’s child are not always positive techniques of sending one’s message across I have discovered.

My boy is helping me grow, making me realize things about myself.

We are growing together!

Teenager and Adult.


I am taking part in the BlogHer’s#NaBloPoMo  (National Blog Posting Month) this year, which is all about writing a blog post every day for the whole of November. I am hoping to balance it with my NaMoWriMo too but that is another story altogether…



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