Missile Abdul Kalam: A Tribute


A beautiful soul just took off
Like the missiles he so popularly made.
A newspaper hawker just left behind news
That will be hard to erase!

Tears flow unabated
For a man related to the citizens of the country
With the delicate chords of love
That he wove around their hearts.

His life – an inspiration
For the poor, deprived, non-motivated Indian.
His emotions – a brilliant story
Of patriotism, unconditional love and morality.

The only President who connected with the youth,
Slashing the prejudiced view of ‘generation gap.’
The only man who was so very ordinary
That he made us re-define the term of commonality.

While the lovely soul has now decided to take a break
Let’s not mourn his absence.
Let us offer instead, tributes to this untiring man of vision
Whose life-story is an inspiring missile into the unlimited space of undying encouragement!


One thought on “Missile Abdul Kalam: A Tribute


    The title of Poetry I wrote between 1972 and 1994
    And for which my name will last forever in world
    All know now as Dreams, Ideas and Realities…..!

    The scientist of India called as Missile man……and
    Also who had worked as President of India…..and
    Noted for children’s education is A P J Abdul Kalam!

    His message for all to come up in life and work is
    Dream, dream..Thoughts, thoughts..Action, action!
    Both our wish, thoughts and message are the same!

    What you are is Nature’s gift to you in the world….
    And what you should do is to use it the best you can
    So that nation, world and all live in prosperity sure!

    Only when all progress, prosper and are peaceful
    Humanity can live blissfully better in one world…!

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