Terror Knows No Other Name!

Just because it is a terror attack in Pakistan, it does not make the pain any lesser. It hurts to see children dying for no fault of theirs. It pains immensely to live in an age when terrorists brutally and insensitively destroy beautiful buds that were yet to bloom. No holy book, no faith calls for a mass destruction of lives. Vengeance is God’s right, not ours, not the so called followers’ who insult the pure and holy doctrine of Islam.


Terror has no double meaning.
It means just one thing,
In all languages, religions and thoughts –
‘Poisoned minds spewing hurt and disdain.
Faithless fervour destroying innocence
In the name of God, Belief and the Law.’

No form of the Almighty advocates destruction-
Of vulnerable souls.
No inflicted wound demands vengeance
Of naive minds.
If tit for tat was the ethical way
Then, nobody would be unhappy, lost and harmed.

Easy to become judgemental
For a nation thrusting hatred and terrorism
In the name of freedom.
What is lost now is not a natural consequence
Of cruel deeds done, of borders stealthily crossed.
It is the murder of non-territorial humanity across the shores of humane existence!

Praying for the children who lost their lives in the Peshawar terrorist attack. Praying for the parents who lost their children.



2 thoughts on “Terror Knows No Other Name!

  1. Humanity is one! Terrorism is not preached in any religion of the world. Nobody would think about killing innocent children even in dreams; but only terrorists of the world only think of that and due to this hard core ruthless they all should be hanged to death immediately without even trial in any court! Terrorists should be terrorized to even dream about such things in the future! This kind of so called terrorist act is nothing but most and ultimate cowardice act of mankind in history, so to say and so, they should be rooted out everywhere in the world by the joint efforts of all peace loving people by the great cooperation of international community. By humanity all belong to one world family!

    1. Thanks Ramesh for taking out time to express your views. I appreciate the initiative behind the comment and sentiment expressed in your views. Yes, I really do not know when humans will realize that basically we are just one community and one family.

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