In Memoriam

Now, they are here.
Now, they aren’t!
Pretty little creatures
brightening my hollow world

Swimming in a pool they made their home
for me, for my family;
An empty aquarium stares at me now
demanding an answer
for a death I feel hapless about.
Was it the trauma of moving?
Was it the rising temperatures of a new city?
Or some other cruel nitty-gritty?

Bubbles of joy
that once filled a pool of life
are now transformed
into bubbles of guilt
that clog my mind, heart and soul!
What was it that I was whining about?
Of troubles galore, moving in, moving out?
I still live, don’t I while my little pets are dead, no doubt.

All but fish.
For some, even a tasty dish!
But, they made me feel welcome
in an indifferent world.
They smoothened my rough edges,
connected me with Ma Nature,
making me feel warm,
humane, loving and loved.

Even as they lie buried,
lifeless, lost, loved;
their souls connect
asking me to let go,
to wrap their memories
and help them carry on…

Love You My Dears.
diwali and other photos 073


3 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Ah! the poignancy of the loss of the beloved goldfish who have departed for the Great Aquarium in the Sky. But the poem gives hope for a moving on, with the help of precious memories. *hugs*

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