THe Chennai Anthem is here: Celebrating its 375th anniversary.

Today, Chennai is celebrating its 375th anniversary. Just imagine! 375 glorious years of Chennai! Almost 4 wonderful centuries of a city that has grown in leaps and bounds….Not to mention that it has not outgrown its beautiful traditional culture. And therein, lies the charm of the city Madras now, Chennai that attracts people far and wide. Those living in Chennai will vouch for the wonderful flavour of the city – a unique combination of the ancient and the modern, the old and the new and still growing strong despite all challenges that any city faces in today’s fast moving world.

To celebrate this momentous day, the Madras based conglomerate, Murugappa Group have come out with a tribute song on the occasion of the 375th Anniversary of Madras. It has been shot across locations like Krishna Atluri Rao & Hotel Broadlands, Chamiers Cafe, Sharif Dance Company, Shelter beach resorts, ECR Sundari Silks, Grand Sweets and Snacks, Adyar, Kalakshetra, Vadapalani Murugan Temple, Kasi Vinayagam mess, Triplicane, Dreams Come True, Prince Plaza, Tanmay Thakker, Sindhuri S.


PUDICHCHA CUTOUT, PUDIKKALENA GET OUT”  the anthem for #Madras is here.

(Love it, get a cut out. If you don’t, just get out!)

 Yasmin Ponapapa , the actress from the movie Aaranya Kaandam is the one introducing you to the charm of Chennai. She is spontaneous, careless carefree  and dives into the pleasures of living in Chennai beautifully wanting you to do the same. Oblivious of passersby as she carries on her shoot, she is a pleasure to watch as we get to perceive the city through her eyes….

The concept is catchy and spontaneous… The Madras Song has been written and directed by Vijay Prabakaran while the music has been directed by Vishal Chandrashekhar. Lyricist Subu has given that Chennai angle and twist to the song while Shakthishree Gopalan has sung the song with ease. Cinematographers GVS Raju & Imran Ahmedh KR present the picture in the most aesthetic manner that appeals to the young and the old generations.

Executive Producer: Krishna Ramkumar ,Associate Director: Swathi Raghuraaman, Assistant Directors: Meera.Karthik, Keerthi Raju, Production Assistant:RM Ramesh kumar, Camera Assistant: Baskar, Post Production: Red Studio, Editor: Vijay Prabakaran and Colorist: Madan form rest of the Credits Team for THE MADRAS SONG.

The Logo Design is by Hakuhodo Percept, Chennai and the album has been produced by The Murugappa Group

The experience of a girl who is clearly not from Chennai who is stuck here for 3 days and who falls in love with Madras at the end of it is the essence of this lovely video .

A creative and heart felt tribute to the city that has welcomed so many people of diverse communities and cultures in its fold.

Do have a look at the video and enjoy the charm of beautiful, gracious and loving Chennai city.



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