Product Review

#WHAT THE BLACK! And it is ……….the Day of Revelation

So, we finally have it all. The black campaign, the intense marketing, the suspense in it all.  And I almost missed it in my apprehension to know what it was all about.  Many of my friends were intrigued as to what I was upto. What is it just a prank? Or, was I going to come up with something new in the market? A new review?

So, dear friends….

First, we had a black Egg IMG_20140730_201601 Followed by a black NewspaperIMG_20140801_101423

Then, came a black paper cupIMG_20140802_171525(1)

And finally, on the final day of revelation so to say, we discover the real product…..It is yes, you guessed it right. I know. I know, you can see the picture down!!!! It is a toothbrush…

brush4Yes, a toothbrush from Colgate….The Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal toothbrush.

So, what is so very different in this toothbrush from other toothbrushes? you might ask. Well, for one, the bristles of the toothbrush are not entirely white or multi-coloured.  They are fully (yes, you guessed right!) Black! brush2And, adding to this  is (according to the company), the black bristles are infused with charcoal that helps remove plaque bacteria and can effortlessly reach tight spaces between teeth and along the gum line that other toothbrushes can’t.

So, now you have it all. A black toothbrush from a branded company that costs only Rs. 60. Quite affordable for a toothbrush that boasts of the qualities mentioned above…don’t you think?

And, what a marketing attitude in spreading the news about the slim, elegant and seductive Colgate toothbrush!!

A great way to promote a commercial product in the competitive market. It was great fun in trying to decipher what the actual product would be….

Even the sole black fish in my aquarium seemed to wonder #WHAT THE BLACK!!

brush6Know more about the brush here

 and about the campaign hosted by BlogAdda here


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