Product Review


Day 3 and there is another black box at my door again. I am just itching to open the box and find out what is there inside.

‘Day 3’ the box states and I open the box to find a :

IMG_20140802_171525(1)A black paper cup and a black paper napkin.

So, is the final product going to be connected with something to eat or drink? I wonder.

Will it be some extraordinary kind of drink or maybe, a different kind of coffee?


 All I can do is just guess.  Or, like they say, my guess is as good as yours.  Or maybe, your guess could be even better. That’s why I suggest you put on your guessing hats and you can drop in some ideas in my inbox too so that I can be ready to expect something like you suggest.

Till then, we  have to wait for Day4 which will be the day of revelation when we shall finally discover what it is going to be all about……

Until then, be good and keep guessing!

For the #WHAT THE BLACK campaign



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