#WHAT THE BLACK! The Mysterious Journey Continues ….Day 2

It was nearing late evening, and I had still not received the Day 2 surprise for #What The Black!

Gosh! Was not getting anything part of the surprise, I wondered. Finally, when we were preparing for an early go-to-sleep process,  (locking the doors, switching off the lights, etc) the door bell rang!

Oh! Lord! Who was it at this hour in the night? Was something wrong somewhere? Grudgingly I unlatched the door and found a man with a black newspaper in hand asking for me. For once, I was like, What the *%$#.

Then, I realized that it was the Day 2 surprise of #WHAT THE BLACK!

Yes! A black newspaper. So, black was in town once again….


My son was already asleep. My husband was too tired to even register anything.

I found the whole process of reading a black newspaper intriguing…. Finally black was getting its due, I thought.


But, how was a black newspaper connected with #What The Black?

Yesterday, it was a black egg. Today, a black newspaper….. What would tomorrow bring?

No idea at all…. What do you think?

What kind of project is being launched in the market?

Is this going to be a hi-funda promotion marketing?


No idea. Just counting the days. Not my days silly. The days until I receive the final product which of course I shall share with you.

Till then, let’s just keep guessing,  while others keep reading The Black Times…..Have to keep abreast of black sorry, current matters you see!

IMG_20140801_095341Part of the #WHAT THE BLACK Program from BlogAdda.com


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