Product Review

#WHAT THE BLACK! The Mysterious Journey Begins….Day 1

#WHAT THE BLACK is an activity that BlogAdda has innovatively come up with. Nothing less can be expected from a website that keeps striving to become more interesting and involving to bloggers and readers all over the world!

On Day1 on 3oth July 2014, I received a box late in the evening. A little black box that promised a lot with the black shade of the box hiding more than revealing any thing. Curious as I was about unwrapping it, I let it absorb the vibrations of my home while I freshened up. IMG_20140730_201254

And then, when I opened the little black ribbon I dipped my hand inside the mysterious black box to find an egg shaped dome. My son was really edgy now.Unknowingly to him, I too was curious.

What can it be?

Can I break the egg, he asked impatiently?

Is it a chocolate?

Is it a toy? Innumerable queries but no answers as of now. Except some guesses.


Yes!  A Black Egg it was.  And I wondered, #What the Black!!




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