Reviewing ‘India’s oldest flavored Elacihi!’


When I was approached to review a product of BABA Elaichi Sweetener I just jumped at the offer. The spontaneous reaction was more due to the fact that I had heard a lot about Baba products. Secondly, I had consumed and reviewed sweeteners in the past and wanted to know what was it that this new BABA Sweetener had to offer ‘joh kisi aur sweetener mei nahi!’ And thirdly, I have been aware of the popularity of BABA tobacco products and was wary of the new product that BABA had to offer….

The Click-Clack concept of opening the little round powerful box is enticing. I can vouch for this as my teenage son was enthusiastically wanting to open the box from the moment it arrived at my doorstep!

Quite unlike other sweeteners, just one elaichi (cardamom) piece is sufficient to freshen one’s mouth and the fresh taste lingers on for longer than expected when compared to many other sweetener products currently in the market. For a person like me who tends to pop in some saunf or elaichi in my mouth before leaving for work or for some social visit, the BABA Elaichi silver coated and saffron blended sweetener was a mouth freshening experience!

Since the amount of elaichi required to freshen up one’s mouth is less, one tends to NOT over stuff – a drawback for many other sweetener products in the industry. Here, the taste is good and one does not pop in more than necessary. I liked that!

Hubby dear was pleased that there was something like this in the market.
Son was delighted not only because he liked the taste but also because I asked him to model for the review of the product, something that I never do for my product reviews. Now, isn’t that a great testimonial in itself?

At just Rs. 65 for a box of 5gm, it is certainly worth a buy. Enough to last you a long long time!


So, go ahead and indulge yourself in this mouth freshening experience! I bet you will enjoy it!


Product reviewed for BABA Elaichi


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