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Black Beauty Wishlist…..

The colour black  has always intrigued me. More so for the fact that this beautiful shade hides within it innumerable other colours invisible to the naked eye. I realized this the moment I stepped into my teens and began experimenting with colours, dabbling in paint or trying out different coloured dresses. In fact, you will not believe it that when my mother and I went out shopping to Benares city (that’s where I come from) then, a black embroidered Benarasi silk saree with golden zaree on it is what caught my eye and I insisted on buying it despite my mother saying that ‘kaala shaadi ke liye shubh nahi hotha.” My mother bought the saree for me on the condition that I would not ‘stupidly’ wear it for my wedding or the reception.


About the 5 Black Things on my wishlist:

Well, First on my list is a beautiful black sleek car.mercedes


Second on my list is a black sofa set that is luxurious as well as comfortable

Third on my list is a black Persian Cat. Something about the cat is mysterious….black cat

Fourth on my list is a black gown that I can carry off on my not-so-model-like figure with contrasting pearls to match as gown

And finally, fifth on my list is to see a slimmer hubby dear in a smart black tuxedo.suit1

Not much to ask from life… is it!!!


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One thought on “Black Beauty Wishlist…..

  1. Nice list. I too wish your hubby to become slimmer and look smart in the black attire. Black is beautiful. That’s why there was a song in a Tamil film – Karuppu thaan enakku pidicha colouru…

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