It could be Verse

Lost Nature!


Last night the tree in our colony uprooted.
With it innumerable leaves lost their lives

It is summer and they
were hoping to spread their wings
and bring into the comfort of their shade
all creatures-
big and small,
long and short,
humans and animals.

And yet,
despite their pure resolve
they had to unwillingly
lay down their lives
for a man made development-
The Metro
that runs below our building and the once upon a tree.

Is development worth the gruesome murder of a part of Ma Nature?
Now, I understand negative vibrations
and its dangerous side effects.
The drilling vibration below the beautiful tree destroyed it.
Now, we humans await….

8 thoughts on “Lost Nature!

  1. We are made to suffer and yet ask why? The tree selflessly offer us shade and comfort yet we become merciless.
    Very beautiful expression in a painful way on the plight of trees under the name of development.

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