Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!

lucifer's lungi

Lucifer’s Lungi : Book Review
Title: Lucifer’s Lungi
Author: Nitin Sawant
Publication: Fablery Publications
Pages: 111

Genre: Psychological Horror

“Everything I was today was exactly what Saravana’s father wanted him to be – educated, worldly-wise and free from all bondage. Everything Saravana was today was exactly what I was petrified of becoming once – gullible, irrational and dogmatic. Somewhere in our course of bilateral exchange today, we both were fighting with an image projected out of our own subconscious minds.”

This book is Fablery Publications’ first book of fiction and an excellent choice I must say. Do not get deceived by the cute little size of the book or the non-glamorous cover – all this is only to drive you into a tale that cannot get any more realistic!
The author, Nitin Sawant has done full justice to a story that travels from nowhere and gets you neatly tied in its grip and before you realize it, you are onto a journey, travelling along with the protagonist.

“Every morning I rose to the same gigantic challenge – how to pass this day without falling asleep at my desk? Then there were a lot of mini-challenges every hour: how to keep my yawning to a minimum? How to keep myself away from heaping all sorts of profanities on my only-paying customer?”

So, what is the story about? An atheist working in the city lands up in a village where people believe in strange tales and traditions. They believe in the wrath of ghosts and things like that. Our protagonist is caught in this ‘unholy clash of beliefs, fears and frailities with unknown Gods and demons.’ Much against his will and convictions, he is drawn into a world that plays on his subconscious fears and his imagination, driving him to a state of no-return.

“Never felt so miserably helpless in my entire life. What am I in front of Palayar’s might? How did I get this audacity to challenge His authority? Do I even matter in His grand scheme of things? Turns out that all the knowledge of the universe that I’d accumulated so far counts for nothing, since I lacked the humility to accept His divine will….”

So, are they real demons that follow him everywhere he goes?
Or, are they the demons of the protagonist’s own mind, being created out of nowhere, paralyzing his logical reasoning?
Is it a battle between good and bad?
Or, is it a war between blind belief and unquestioning modern reflection?
All of 111 pages, Lucifer’s Lungi is a slick book that requires no installment reading. I completed reading it at one go and loved the pace at which the author takes the reader along with him. The author’s witty style of writing is an added incentive to an already well narrated tale.
For a first timer, the publication and the author deserve to be appreciated. I am sure that with the reader’s encouragement, this book will do very well. What I really liked about the book was the fact that it is a book sans any superficiality-there is no attractive glamorous cover picture to attract you to it. The book succeeds where many fail – the story plot and narration. And, basically, that is what the reader really wants!
Nethra Anjanappa(Fablery), you did it!

Nitin Sawant, author
Nitin Sawant, author



Nitin Sawant is a first time author with this book. He has had varied experiences as a software programmer, engineer, stock market analyst, copywriter, journalist, tele-shopping expert and jewellery designer at various stages in his life. This gives an unique perspective to all his tales and offers a distinctive colour to his writing.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing the madness of Lucifer’s Lungi!

  1. I am just wondering at so much the author has done in so many fields .. programming – journalism – stock market etc etc ..

    seems to be in a lot of trades ..

    good luck with the book

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