Reflections: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

Accepting the Blogging Challenge was one of the finest things I did as far as writing impromptu was concerned.

With a busy professional and personal life, one can get really exhausted to even take the trouble to put down a few words on paper/ computer despite it being the only thing one would wish to do…

When I took up the challenge I wasn’t even sure I would be able to complete it. There were days when work beckoned. There were days when all that the alphabets could churn out were nursery rhymes that I had learned way back in school! Adding to it all was the fact that this was my first try at the Blogging Challenge.

But then, with lovely new friends who also participated, some who had taken part the previous year and some who were like me, taking part only this year, the fact that they were sharing their views, made the process worth all the trouble.

Thank you dear friends for visiting my blog. I hope to been in touch with you for sure. It was great to know about you, your blog and your thoughts.

I came to know so many new things, ideas, experience due to this challenge, something I would have missed out had I not taken part . I myself am surprised that I had written about so my things out of the blue. Thank you to all the people who were instrument in starting such an unique programe. I did not know that I could write about things like the following:

A for Art and Artist : how I forayed in to the world of drawing and writing.
B for Birth: Giving birth and taking birth .
C for Cocoon- our personal shelter
D for Duster : dusting away old wounds and mistakes
E for Easy
F for what I fancy
G for gratitude for all that we have in life
H for Hat
I for I, Me, Myself
J for Jewelry – their scientific appeal
K for Kashi Ketchup
L for Lost and Found -losing one’s way to find a better path, a better you
M for Making the right choices
N for Nah, no – thinking twice before we say no
O for open opening hearts, doors, books
P for pat, patting someone’s shoulder in need, in appreciation
Q for quilt -making a quilt of old attitudes, broken dreams
R for retry after a failure
S for Shail -meaning of my name and what it means to me
T for testing times
U for unanimous
V for going viral

W for Without I – i am nobody

X for Xanadu- searching for my personal paradise

Z for zodiac signs and its effect on our lives

I am happy to have been infected with the virus of ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge’ this year.
And, I am sure all my other new blogger friends who  participated in this challenge were happy too to share this infection. A virus is not a very joyous thing to have but when it comes to challenges like these, we go around infecting one another with beautiful emotions and thoughts that unite us all. The common thread of sharing emotions of joy, sorrow, knowledge, happiness is going viral thanks to the beautiful challenge of blogging every day with one alphabet for every day of the month. What better way to share, to show compassion, to exchange information, to follow ideas, to pick up themes, to promote the very idea of friendship across the globe irrespective of race, color, tribe, status or nation.
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the persons who had begun this challenge and also my gratitude to those who participated in it and cared to pause, drop by and express their views on my blog.
Thank you All.

A beautiful way of connecting with one another and sharing thoughts. Let’s keep at it.

All the very best.


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