A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge

Yesterday Once More…


Nostalgia – a beautiful word

Understood even by the greatest nerd.

Floating and Flying into the prolific past

Hoping beyond hope, lost emotions would eternally last.

until yesterday

But, not today as I dread each draining day.

When my reflections no longer transport me,

Into a world I long wishfully to see!

Getting disheartened with every dying attempt

Disillusion, darkness, delirium – is this what nostalgia actually meant?

My old convent school flashes a neon sign,

The hangouts today a flashy place to dine.

The monument of a memory laden home

Today, a modern multi-storied dome.

Hurt, harassed and dismayed

I search for all the good times that were originally made.

Like ashes in an urn of a loved one

I roam like a zombie waiting for my turn.

If a living being could turn to dust

What of a past that has to naturally rust?

Patting myself on my shoulder

I tell myself…

Let Memories Be.

Let It Be. Let It Be.

Let it be Yesterday Once More……

For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter Y

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