Shail it is….for S


Parents name their children differently. Some name their children depending upon the planets. Some give their best friends’ names to them. Others think a lot about the meaning of the name they give to their children. Still others name their children at random. Whatever the name may be, it gives a sense of identity to the child forever. And, many a time, it has been noticed that a name does seem to influence the nature and characteristics in a child!

I am named Shail which means mountain rock. Actually, part of my name came from my father’s name which is Shailendra. Whether I am as strong as a mountain I do not know but yes, I possess a name which does stand out considering the fact that very few women have this name.  In fact, many a time, I have been addressed as Sir in many letters and emails since the sender presumes that a person with such a name must be a male. Initially that used to irk me a lot and I would see to it that the person came to know that he/she had committed a mistake addressing me as Sir but with the passing years I let it be. Sometimes, it is funny to discover what men think of women when they think they are interacting with a male!!

My name has given me a lot of joy and pride over the years. I presume it is the same for all people. Or, maybe, there are people who do not like their names and change them later. I have heard of people changing names due to constant misfortune following them and they use the science of numerology to aid them in the changing of fortune in their lives.

Mountain or no mountain, I am content with my name….So, Shail it is for the letter S

  For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter S



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