Q for Quilt


I remember making a similar kind of quilt in school in SUPW (socially useful productive work) class while I was in school. It was something new that we all learned. And I realize the value of it much more today. Way back, it was collecting old pieces of useless cloth material which I would cut into similar size and then stitch it all together to make a tablecloth or a quilt.

Today, I find I need to do this in my life – Get rid of all those things that are unnecessary  and make my life more organized. I need to cut down all those things I think I cannot do with and chop them to size so that I can make my life more beautiful with less.

Those little pieces that I need to pick up may just be some old stray habits, likes or thoughts that need not crowd up my current life. In fact, I can gather them all and make a pretty quilt out of it without getting too attached or letting go completely. That way, I lose nothing of the past and gain a more content present.

What do you say?

 For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter Q


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