O for Open


‘Open’ is a small word but carries a lot of meaning.

How often have we opened doors to strangers who asked for our help?

How often have we opened our hearts to friends when we were feeling low?

How has it felt when we opened old drawers, book cases or old boxes to discovers parts of our past within it?

Opening a book to begin reading it still gives me a high. Every time, I am asked to review a book, it gets me all excited for the author has placed before me a different world waiting for my thoughts to invade it.

The same feeling of joy and anticipation accompanies the act of opening a gift all tied up nicely with a gift wrapper. What could possibly be it, we wonder.

Open Day is the day most parents dread, worried what the teachers might have to say about their children especially if their children are the naughty types!!

So,  how about opening our worlds to new thoughts and positive emotions?

  For the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for the Letter O


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