A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge

G: Gratitude


It was my birthday on the 10th of April and I grew older, adding yet another year to my life!

There was a time it felt good to celebrate my birthday, to revel in the joys of a life growing more younger (ironical though it may sound!), happier, loving and yes! older too. Today, as a mother of a teenager I realize that more than anything else I need to be grateful for all the little blessings that have been bestowed upon me all these years. I realize that I need to complain less-forgive more, desire less-give more, grumble less-smile more, procrastinate less-work and pray more….

Even though life may not run as planned, I know that I have been blessed with many things that I did not even aspire for like wonderful parents, loving husband, beautiful child, unconditional friends…. the list goes on.

There are parts of me that still linger in the darkness, certain thoughts that need to be let free, some emotions that have   to be either satiated or destroyed and the emotional load let off my back. The more I am aware how blessed I am, the more grateful I shall be….

Thank you world for making me what I am. Thank you Ma Nature for so unconditionally giving from your bounty.Thank you God for loving me despite my faults. Thank you for your grace.

I am ever grateful.

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014

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